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No Falling Stars And No Wishes



AVR029 - digipack, hand-numbered 250 copies in 3/6 panel digipack.

baṣnia [PL] is a melancholic music project inspired by post punk, alternative pop and ethereal wave. In this very diversified album you can discover a variety of interesting and original inter-genre music fusions. The debut album “No Falling Stars And No Wishes” produced by Waldemar Sorychta was released on March 2019.

1. This Love Is Dangerous
2. And The Audience Is Watching The Show
3. My Turn To Win
4. Maybe I've Gone Mad Tonight
5. Hard Crush
6. My Only Religion Is Love
7. I Feel The Void
8. People Come People Leave Time Flows
9. I'll Be Waiting For You
10. Night Of The Lost